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Mars Project

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Project focused on the use of artificial intelligence for the creation of images and history.

Chat GPT was used for text and Lexica for images

A few years ago, humanity finally managed to establish a permanent presence on Mars thanks to the dwellings that China had developed on the planet's surface. One of the first astronauts to reach Mars was David, who brought along his faithful canine companion, a border collie named Max.

David and Max quickly adapted to life on the red planet. David worked in the Chinese colony, carrying out experiments and maintenance on the house. Max was his constant companion, always playing and exploring the planet's surface with his owner.

However, one day, something terrible happened. Earth was destroyed in a catastrophic war and all communications with the colony on Mars were lost. David and Max found themselves alone on the red planet, with little hope that someone would come to their rescue.

Despite the difficult situation, David and Max stuck together and found ways to survive in the desolate Martian landscape. David built a garden to grow food and learned to collect water from natural sources on Mars. Max became his protector, alerting him to any danger approaching the colony.

Over time, David and Max learned to adjust to their new reality. Together they explored the red planet, discovering new geological formations and making new scientific discoveries. Although they missed their home on Earth, they found a new home on Mars and became true colonists of the red planet.

Over time, humanity finally managed to establish new colonies on Mars, and one day, a rescue mission finally reached David's colony. But David and Max had gotten so used to life on Mars that they decided to stay and continue exploring the red planet, becoming a legend in human history.

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